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The Columbus-based artist Cody F. Miller has been creating religious art for years, and graciously agreed to lead one of our Adult Forums.  Today we’re featuring his beautiful painting, “The Mother of Moses.”  About the painting, Cody writes:

The emphasis of this story is often put on the actual baby in the Nile who is later found by Pharaoh’s daughter. Yet what stands out to me is the incredible anguish and hollow emptiness the mother must have experienced to make such a decision. As a father, it is hard to comprehend that emotional turmoil. The butterflies represent new life and hope, but they are behind Moses’ mother and she can’t see them at that present moment. Even though we may only see the difficult, impossible situation in front of us, God is doing work behind the scenes.  I smile at the end result. This Hebrew mother not only gets her baby back, but is also paid by Pharaoh’s daughter to nurse him.

You might want to pray with this image, using a technique called Visio Divina, which consists of four parts.

  1. Look closely at the work.  Pay attention to the figures shown, the colors use, the shifts of tone and light.  Simply perceive and remain attentive to the visual presentation.
  2. Find yourself in the work.  What do the different figures, colors, shapes evoke in you?  Are you drawn to any particular part of the painting?  What draws you?
  3. Respond to the work.  Lift whatever you’re feeling or thinking up to God.  Let it shape your conversation with God.
  4. Rest in God.  Cultivate silence for a few moments.  Be at peace.

Here is Cody’s painting in its entirety: