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Rachel Wheeler, in her article “Charlottesville, Exodus, and the Politics of Nostalgia,” brilliantly delineates how our understanding of the Exodus story effects our responses to racism and injustice.  She writes:

The mythic narrative of Exodus has long anchored American identities. The American Dream is a variant of the Exodus narrative. Americans from the Puritans to enslaved African-Americans, to Bruce Springsteen and Jerry Falwell have peered through Exodus-colored glasses to interpret their lives and their country. Why, then, have they seen such different things? Largely because so many white Christian Americans view their country as Canaan, while Americans of color find themselves not there yet, or even still in Egypt.

Thanks to Anne Reed for bringing this article, part of Religion & Politics “The State of the Union Project,” to my attention.  Follow this link to read the whole article.