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The diocese has finished the Big Read, but Daniel and Karl are still podcasting.  Check out the latest episodes here.

This week we finally take a deep dive into Daniel’s favorite rabbi, the 12th c. Spanish philosopher Maimonides, also known as Rambam.  Which means that we get super philosophical, talking about God and nature and the limits of human knowledge.  Oh, and also about Moses and ch. 33 of Exodus.  Plus one really terrible butt joke (because we only like to pretend that we’re smart). (more…)

Artwork: The Adoration of the Golden Calf by Nicolas Poussin

At last, we have come to the much anticipated Ch. 32, when God sends Moses down the mountain to break up a wild party and, more importantly, stop the chosen people from worshipping idols.  Hot stuff!  And Daniel has provided four and a half pages of midrash to go with it! (more…)

Exodus 31 is great for artists and crafts people, and great for people who just need a day of rest!  Karl and Daniel spend about thirty minutes talking about the first seventeen verses, and then thirty minutes talking about verse 18 alone!  That’s one great verse.  Plus, Daniel tells the joke that gives our episode it’s name. (more…)

Daniel and Karl are joined by Rabbi Miriam Terlinchamp as we delve into Ch. 30, learn that Gehenna isn’t just a suburb of Columbus, reflect on giving and justice, and consider the ethics of counting people. (more…)

Daniel and Karl go deep into the weeds of ordination rituals for the High Priest as they read Exodus 30.  Along the way, they throw in some thoughts about Jerusalem Syndrome, the sad life of Schmuel the Ephod Cleaner, and the religious call to assist in the completion of creation. (more…)

Daniel and Karl are joined by Rabbi Daniel Vaisrub, and many things are revealed about Judaism that Karl never knew.  Such as the apocalyptic hope that the third temple will descend from on high and that the ephod might just look like the costume of a French princess.  (more…)

Ch. 27 of Exodus is all about the tabernacle (what a surprise, given that it’s been the theme of the last few weeks).  But Karl and Daniel find a way to talk about sin, and the way that both Judaism and Christianity are reinterpreting the concept of sin in terms of modernism.  You can listen to the podcast using the player below, or by subscribing through any fine podcast distributor.  Daniel’s choice of midrashim is below the player. (more…)

Daniel and Karl are joined by members of Saint Andrew’s, Evanston as they discuss Ch. 26, a chapter mostly composed of instructions for building the tabernacle.  And yet somehow they manage to wander into discussions of unicorn creation myths and when to take a bathroom break in the middle of synagogue services.  Who says that cubits can’t be fun! (more…)

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