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As we prepare to start reading Exodus as a diocese on August 27th, I’ll be posting important information on a bi-weekly basis.  This week I’ll be telling you about our plan for adult forums.  Thanks to Pat Cargill of St. Anne, West Chester for emailing a list of questions about the forums.  If you have questions or suggestions for the DSO Big Read of Exodus, please email me at kpbstevens[at]gmail.com.


Adult Forums
  • We are in the process of creating five video classes for adult forums.  The first class is up and ready to use.  You can see it by going to http://adsobigread.org/for-adult-forums/.  There you will also see working titles for the other four classes in the series.  We suggest that you wait until after August 27th to begin using these classes.
  • The forum format that these videos are designed for is simple: watch the fifteen minute video, then spend thirty to forty minutes talking about the three discussion questions.  All that’s needed to lead a forum like this is a computer, projector (unless your group is small enough to gather around the computer screen), and someone to hit play.
  • The videos are streamable through Youtube and are also downloadable.   Links to both streaming video and download are available at http://adsobigread.org/for-adult-forums/.